Palanca is the Spanish word for lever or influence. A palanca letter is written to lift up, support, and encourage a fellow Christian, friend or family member. Usually given while on a religious retreat or mission, palanca letters can also be sent to someone in prison. Whoever the recipient, they are incredibly emotional and uplifting for both the recipient and writer. Palanca letters are not terribly lengthy and are always spiritually uplifting.

Two of your fellow parishioners, Edie Mesick and Bob Melia, are volunteers at an Albany-based correctional facility and we need your help.  Approximately 50 residents / inmates will attend a retreat in November.  Each inmate will receive uplifting Palanca letters from parishioners like you.  So if you ever thought about the struggles an inmate may experience or if you know someone in prison, here is your opportunity to provide an uplifting thought and prayer for them.  Please give your letter to either Usha, our Parish Secretary, Bob or Edie and we will take your letter with us to the retreat and deliver them to our residents of the correctional facility.